Science Ace Boardgame: 8+ (Set 1) – Prototype Print on Demand

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SCIENCE ACE the BOARD GAME is developed to encourage learning through play and interactivity. AGES 8+ (2-6 Players) – Based on School Syllabus!

SCIENCE ACE injects fun into the learning experience. Children will enjoy science topics such as The Natural Wonders, the Environment, Physics, the Human Body and more. There are 200 questions and the fun, interactive gameplay will put their knowledge of all these topics to the test.

Play the game with your children and discover their strengths and weaknesses. Use this tool to help them improve on their weak points. This simple offline activity of the SCIENCE ACE boardgame will go a long way in helping our young children improve and reaffirm their knowledge in Science.

PRINT ON DEMAND – PRE-ORDER. (Delivery within 14 working days)
This version is for ages 8+ and for 2 to 6 players. It consists of:

  • Packaging Box
  • Gameboard (Size 54cm x 44cm)
  • 200 question Cards (Set A)
  • Tokens and Dice
  • Bonus Score Sheets(Note: Actual product may vary slightly from photo shown here)
Science Ace Boardgame: 8+ (Set 1) – Prototype Print on Demand


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