Math Ace Boardgame: (Set 1)

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It’s time to have fun thinking and solving your way to be the MATH ACE! Play the fun numbers game to sharpen your Math skills.

This game’s for you to rock and ace
all questions, topics you may face
when studying the Math subject,
and get great scores that’s just perfect!

The Math Ace Boardgame is suitable for what ages?

The most suitable age range is from 8 to 12 years old.

We have taken it to homes and kids at the homes were not very good at Math, so even Secondary students (13-15-year-olds) struggled with it. ? It also could be that most of these kids do Math in Bahasa.

How many players is this game for?

This game is most ideal for 2 ✌ to 6 ?☝ players.

Ready to get this? Click here. For any questions, do contact  Greg at +6013 923 5032 (Whatsapp)

Is this game easy or hard?

From ?‍? Greg: My 10-year-old son can answer with ease about 60% of the questions. However the other 40% I have had to keep checking with him, prompting him to think ? and get the correct answer. I would say that this is where most kids will fall under. ?

Bright kids ? might say that it is not challenging enough, which brings me to the next thought: Launching Math Ace SET 2, which will obviously will be more challenging ?? (which is ready and available on a Print on Demand basis at RM80 per set) and I have plans for a SET 3! ???

Ready to get this? Click here. For any questions, do contact  Greg at +6013 923 5032 (Whatsapp)

What are the topics covered?

You know the numbers… even, odd, prime, fractions, decimals, measurements, and more! Just crank up your number engine and churn out the answers.
  • 1️⃣2️⃣3️⃣ Numbers – Greater than, Smaller than, Mixed Numbers
  • ➕➖ Addition and Subtraction
  • ✖ ➗ Multiplication and Division problem solving
How well do you know your timetables? Put it to the test! Watch out for the trickery in the twisters!
  • ✖ ?‍♂️ Times Tables – A whole section is dedicated to this as a lot of them struggle with times tables
  • ?? 2D and 3D Shapes
  • ↖↗?? Basic Angles, Direction
  • ??? Length, Mass and Capacity
The clock is ticking! It’s time to tell time and make the most of your sense of time!
  • ⌚⌛⏲ Telling Time – In here are also addition and subtraction based on time. A whole section for this.
  • ?‍♀️? Mixed Numbers
  • ? Fractions
  • ?⏹ Perimeter and Area
Shape up on your geometry, figure out the figures… The answers are just on the tip of your tongue!

All questions in the topics are created to help kids ace Math exams!

Before exams or tests, this is a good way to do an overview to see if the all the topics have been mastered. Otherwise, the other players can quickly brush up together on those particular topics.

Ready to get this? Click here. For any questions, do contact  Greg at +6013 923 5032 (Whatsapp)

What’s in the box

  • Packaging Box
  • Gameboard (Size 54cm x 44cm)
  • 200 question Cards (Set A)
  • Tokens and Dice
  • Bonus Score Sheets

Ready to get this? Click here. For any questions, do contact  Greg at +6013 923 5032 (Whatsapp)

Math Ace Boardgame: (Set 1)

10 reviews for Math Ace Boardgame: (Set 1)

  1. Derek, Tutor

    … Having tried out the gameplay myself, I can safely recommend it with an A for encouraging children to learn the fundamentals of maths. It reinforces the Math concepts in a fun way whilst playing with family and friends…

  2. Charmaine

    Math Ace is a hit with the children. They are hooked to it and they are so engaged. I’m very glad they get to spend their time wisely while keeping their minds active and reinforcing their maths concepts in a fun way.

    playing math ace

  3. Anita Paul

    The game was super fun! ?Even I learnt a lot and my girl enjoyed it???
    Can’t wait for your science game?

  4. Vinod

    It’s very unfair about the 10 points in the corner if you get the answer right… he is leading.

  5. Cherie Ann Bastian

    I bought a set last week! It was a great hit amongst my students.. They simply love playing it and keep asking for it again and again.. It’s a fun, exciting and engaging activity for them and they certainly answer a whole lot more questions now than they would on worksheets!? What a great way to learn and play interactively.. I highly recommend this and am really glad i bought one ❤️.. Looking forward to the Science and Bahasa series now ?

  6. Lu Sean

    So fun! We enjoyed it!
    Feedback: make some questions easier like one was about squares and my son didn’t know what squared was. and make some questions Harder like one was how many wheels are there on eleven tricycles and the answer is 33.

    playing math ace

  7. Vyshavi

    I enjoyed playing the board game with my dad and sister. I’m 12 and my sister is 9. I think that each card should have it’s own time to answer the questions due to its difficulty level. My dad told me that you are going to release a science board game. We look forward to buy it.

  8. Pauline Das

    I have been teaching and sharing conventional mathematical knowledge with children for over 20 years. This board game called Math Ace, an amazing breakthrough is a powerhouse of knowledge… levels above!

  9. Mrs. Angeline Morgis Joachim

    It’s a great game to help them improve their Math. My kids seem to be enjoying themselves.

  10. Mrs. Diana Foo

    Enjoyed playing the board game and interacting with my kids! Looking forward to other titles. As it was a game, it’s quite a special and useful revision tool just before their exams.

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