PLAY • LEARN • REMEMBER – That is the concept and basis of the ACE ADVANCE GAMES brand. As the founder of this company, I was kind of forced into this position. This new norm shuddered to a halt many of my projects. I had no choice but to reinvent my work (and life for that matter) to deal with this change.

Drawing from my many years as a designer, producer and educator, I found that the solution lay closer than I had imagined. But I had to dig deep for answers. I stumbled upon an area that my talents and skills would come in handy in the field of education.

At some point during the pandemic as I was teaching my son, I pictured other parents and even teachers imparting knowledge to their students. What about kids in orphanages and homes who had minimal instruction. How were they all faring? Perhaps a fun board game would help them in the teaching and learning of subjects especially Math. The interaction and inclusive participation would encourage them to play and learn together. After months of trial and error I was able to create a prototype. Thanks to my acquaintances, who are professionals in the education industry, I was able to refine my idea and align it to the needs of current primary school curriculum. The first in a series of board games – MATH ACE BOARDGAME was born.

ACE ADVANCE GAMES is indebted to the many individuals, family, friends and anonymous members of the public who rallied behind the REWARD CROWD FUNDING campaign on PITCHIN to pitch in and raise the initial funding to help kickstart this venture. I am profoundly grateful to you and the best way I can say thank you is by making sure that MATH ACE reaches as many children both in the form of a pledge to underprivileged children in homes as well as through purchase through our marketing channels. MATH ACE will also be made available to schools through our marketing program.

This is just the beginning of the ACE ADVANCE GAMES journey and as we grow with the continued support of the public, you can be rest assured of many more interesting products.

ACE ADVANCE GAMES is continuously growing, drawing from inspiration everywhere and I would like to leave you with a few lines from the awe-inspiring words of Amanda Gorman who wrote the poem “The Hill We Climb” that she recited at President Joe Biden’s inauguration…

For there is always light,

if only we’re brave enough to see it

If only we’re brave enough to be it

Gregory Dennis

Founder & Imagineer – ACE ADVANCE GAMES

Change for a better world!