MATH ACE BOARDGAME is designed to help children learn, remember and recall math knowledge by answering questions in a thoughtful and knowledge enriching manner. Put your Math skills to the test to see if you are the MATH ACE.

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But one day late last year, he had a eureka moment when he sat down to help his 11-year-old son with his IGCSE maths homework. It forced him to look for ways to make the process more fun.
“I burned the midnight oil, looked at some of my past work and kept on tweaking them until – boom – I got it.”
The outcome was a question-based maths board game for children, designed to help them improve their memory retention and math skills… Read the Full Story

As school lessons and classes went online to cope with the pandemic, parents – many with deep, newfound respect for their children’s teachers – took on the task of homeschooling their children. Many had to get creative with their lessons and teaching methods, but one parent, Gregory Dennis, went as far as inventing a Mathematics board game for his 11-year old son, to make the subject more fun and enjoyable to learn. The game, called Math-Ace, is meant for children aged eight to 12, and we speak to Greg about the challenges of homeschooling his children, while discussing his other plans to make learning maths more accessible and fun for all. – Play the Podcast

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MATH ACE the BOARD GAME is developed to encourage learning through play and interactivity.

AGES 8+ (2-6 Players) - Based on School Syllabus!

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MATH ACE is created by the producer of award-winning CD-ROM Edutainment Titles from Articulate Multimedia. More than 100,000 user licenses and titles were sold globally mainly in Malaysia, India, Saudi Arabia and Benelux. 

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What parents say

Enjoyed playing the board game and interacting with my kids! Looking forward to other titles. As it was a game, it's quite a special and useful revision tool just before their exams.

Mrs. Diana Foo • Music Teacher

It's a great game to help them improve their Math. My kids seem to be enjoying themselves.

Mrs. Angeline Morgis Joachim • Training Specialist

I have been teaching and sharing conventional mathematical knowledge with children for over 20 years. This board game called Math Ace, an amazing breakthrough is a powerhouse of knowledge... levels above!

Pauline Das • Educator

MATH ACE is carefully reviewed by industry leaders such as teachers and headmasters. 

By playing these boardgames once or twice a week (the more the better) facts and figures are indelibly impressioned in the minds of our children during their fun interactivity. A simple offline activity such as the MATH ACE boardgame will go a long way in helping our young children during this pandemic.

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